Art Services

  • ArtServices
​Dubai Culture's Arts Services portfolio comprises multifaceted services to identify, encourage, nurture, and build Emirati talent across the four main disciplines of arts including visual arts, performing arts, film, and literature. Under the Arts Services, Dubai Culture will develop capabilities and create a conducive environment for the growth of the local arts scene - from providing venues for an artist's creative aspirations to be showcased to offering career guidance. The Arts Services aims to ultimately create a diverse and skilled pool of talented artists based in the city.

  • Workshops & Seminars – Dubai Culture offers an array of talent-building workshops and seminars that host a range of renowned arts professionals and mentors to equip emerging and talented artists with the necessary training and guidance to further strengthen their skills that will help them to expand their career opportunities on a regional and international scale.
  • Artists-in-Residency – A substantial platform to encourage intercultural dialogue between Emirati and international artists, the Artists-in-Residency programme allows visiting artists to work alongside their Emirati counterparts, while drawing inspiration from the city of Dubai to create original pieces of work. The exposure and interaction of artists from different walks of life result in artistic accomplishments that promote global harmony through the arts.
Advisory Services – As the Emirate's dedicated Authority for the arts, Dubai Culture supports a range of activities that support artists and cultural organisations to implement their concepts and work, thus contributing to the rich artistic experience.