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05 April, 2021

Dubai Culture sheds light on aesthetics of pottery at World Art Dubai

Dubai Culture sheds light on aesthetics of pottery at World Art Dubai

- Through workshops on the basics of pottery and artists’ exhibitions organized by AJCCC, an entity of Dubai Culture.
- By attracting, nurturing, and refining new emerging performing arts talents.
- A platform for the local pottery art community to connect with the larger artistic community.
- Professional opportunities are created for pottery artists in the emirate.
Dubai, UAE, 5 April 2021: As part of the activities of World Art Dubai (WAD) 2021, Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children (AJCCC), an entity of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is organising a pottery exhibition by young and adult artists from Emirati citizens and residents as well as a set of workshops about the basics of pottery on 7 - 10 April 2021.
The exhibition is in line with the Authority’s efforts to provide an ideal platform for emerging talents from the pottery art community and an environment that supports the growth and promotion of its business, opens new professional horizons, and provides an opportunity for artists to communicate and interact with members of the emirate’s wider artistic community. Through this initiative, the Authority seeks to attract, embrace and develop promising creative skills as well as provide an opportunity for artists to unleash their imagination and develop their passions.
The exhibition will feature the works of young artists who had learned the art of pottery at AJCCC and created pieces with high craftsmanship, technology, and creativity. Of the young participants at the exhibition is Adam Othman, who joined AJCCC in 2019. His love for animals is expressed in his artwork through which he brings his favourite animals to life using different techniques. The exhibition will also feature Laila AlDeeb, whose love for exploring the spaces around her and her desire to create a multipurpose collection is evident in her work that comprises a set of models for rooms of a beautifully designed house. The exhibition will also highlight Yehia Waleed, who expresses himself openly through basic shapes and structures that symbolise different cultures as a metaphor for the exchange of cultures through the ages.
The exhibition will also allow visitors to savour distinctive works of art by emerging local artists, including Nessma Djouhri, an Algerian ceramic artist who started her career in ceramics in Dubai in 2018. Her work embraces the blurring of temporalities as she explores the history of objects and their fragmented narratives. Marisol Grijalva, a Latin American artist, will also showcase her sculptures, which are mostly figurative and conceptual in nature, as she is fascinated by the way emotions can be expressed and transmitted without words.
The French-Algerian artist, Ashraf Kessaissia, will also participate in the exhibition with a painting that takes a symbolic approach to art, borrowing from the past to express what he cares about as a human being. His painting is engraved with patterns of stars and crosses that were widely used during the thirteenth century to depict scenes of hunting, battles, wrestling or fauna.
AJCCC will also hold two evening workshops to teach children the basics of ceramics and pottery on 8 and 9 April, where participants will learn about ceramic materials and techniques and how to transform them into creative shapes using their imaginations. These workshops will provide children with an opportunity to discover themselves and unleash their creativity, contribute to developing their artistic tastes, and introduce them to the value of art and its role in life. Through these workshops, Dubai Culture aims to attract, train and develop new promising talents to take part in a rich artistic community.
Dubai Culture is working in line with its strategic roadmap to support artists and build generations of creative people to be the art pioneers of the future through cooperation with all those involved in the emirate’s creative sector and provide an integrated platform for young talents to unleash their creativity and contribute to the growth and prosperity of their business, which contributes to strengthening Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.

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