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06 July, 2021

Dubai Culture and Bulgari launch ‘Bulgari Contemporary Art Award’

In a press conference held with Bulgari
Dubai Culture and Bulgari launch ‘Bulgari Contemporary Art Award’
• Emphasising the importance of contemporary art for cultural development in Dubai and the UAE.
• Presenting contemporary artworks inspired by the city’s beauty, culture and innovations.
• Supporting and inspiring talents and empowering them to be globally renowned.
• Strengthening Dubai's position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.
• Contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy.

Dubai, UAE, 6 July 2021:

In line with the celebrations of the UAE’s 50th anniversary and Dubai's preparations to host Expo 2020, the largest international exhibition in the world where Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is the Official Cultural Supporter, the Authority announced its partnership with Bulgari Group, the leading Italian brand in the world of jewelry and luxury, which resulted in the launch of the first edition of the 'Bulgari Contemporary Art Award' with the support of the Italy pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The annual award, which will celebrate contemporary art and emphasise its importance to cultural development in Dubai and the UAE community in general, aims to provide an innovative platform to support local talent throughout the Expo 2020 Dubai journey under the theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,' providing them with the opportunity to creatively express how beauty connects people, and how cities like Dubai and Rome are linked by their inspirational beauty and innovation.
The announcement was made at a press conference organised by Bulgari in cooperation with Dubai Culture in the presence of HE Hala Badri, Director-General of Dubai Culture; Jean-Christophe Babin, Group CEO of Bulgari; Lucia Boscaini, Brand Curator at Bulgari; Paolo Glisenti, Italy’s Commissioner General for Expo 2020 Dubai; HE Nicola Lener, Ambassador of Italy of the UAE; HE Giuseppe Finocchiaro, Consul-General, Italian Consulate (Dubai); Ida Zilio Grandi, Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, Italian Embassy; Marcello Fondi, Deputy General Commissioner, Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai; top officials from Dubai Culture, Bulgari, and Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai; and a group of media professionals from national and regional newspapers and media institutions.
Hala Badri stressed that the launch of this annual award this year is of great importance because it coincides with the country’s celebrations of the golden jubilee and its preparations for the future and the UAE Centennial 2071, in addition to the advent of Expo 2020 Dubai that begins in October 2021.
Inspiration and professionalism
Badri affirmed that Dubai Culture's partnership with Bulgari stems from the shared belief in the importance of encouraging all forms of modern aesthetic expression to build bridges of communication and fruitful cultural exchange between people, saying: “Through this partnership, we aim to employ Bulgari's unbridled creativity and style as a vehicle for vibrant dialogue to encourage and inspire UAE talent to present contemporary artworks inspired by the city’s beauty, culture and innovations, providing them with a valuable platform to showcase their creativity and get an expert opinion of their work by prominent specialists in the creative field, which contributes to their access to professionalism and internationalism.”
Badri added: “We are committed to nurturing creative talents and supporting cultural diversity in the emirate, and we welcome local and international partnerships that result in innovative alliances to provide valuable opportunities to support creative industries and talents, thus contributing to empowering the cultural and creative sector as a tributary of the local economy and strengthening Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent. By highlighting the works of the participating young artists, the competition will be an incentive to encourage them to pursue their passion and excel in their work and creativity, reach broader horizons, and in turn be a source of the creative scene in the emirate and contributors to its GDP, which contributes to achieving the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy.”
Badri stressed that the partnership confirms the Authority's commitment to supporting a stimulating and sustainable environment for creative and cultural industries, and aims to make culture available everywhere and for everyone as well as encourage the active participation of the creative community in telling the story of Dubai's beauty based on originality, culture, arts, communication and interaction between cultures.
Jean-Christophe Babin, Group CEO of Bulgari, commented: “This prestigious award celebrates the engaging dialogue between Rome and Dubai in the name of artistic and cultural heritage. Bulgari is honoured to be a source of inspiration for young artists through its pioneering use of colours and distinctive designs. Encouraging young artists is an investment in our future as their creative energy allows us to observe reality from a new perspective. As a jeweller, we share with the art world the same exciting process that covers the journey from inspiration to uncompromising execution, thus giving life to creations of timeless beauty. This project, born in tandem with our collaboration with the Italy pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, will further strengthen our valuable relation with Dubai, nurturing the shared vision of art as a crucial element to promote social and cultural growth”.
Paolo Glisenti, Italy’s Commissioner General for Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “The Bulgari Contemporary Art Award in partnership with Dubai Culture embodies the essence of Italy’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai with the ‘Beauty connects People’ theme. Creativity and ingenuity represent the historical, contemporary, and globally renowned Italy we will showcase throughout the six months of the Expo during which the showcasing of the winning artwork will celebrate the long-standing relationship between Rome and Dubai.”
Categories and nomination
The Bulgari Contemporary Art Award in partnership with Dubai Culture has three categories in visual arts, including drawing and painting, photography, and sculpture, which will be evaluated according to four criteria: the candidates must be part of Dubai Culture's talent pool, are UAE nationals or residents, their nominated works are specially created for the award, and their works must employ colour to express how 'beauty connects people.'
Dubai Culture will select 3 – 5 nominees for each award category from its talent pool. These artists will be invited to attend inspirational online lectures and workshops that will introduce them to Bulgari, the master of coloured gemstones, as well as to its vision and craftsmanship for creating unique colour combinations. The deadline for submitting the participating works will be in mid-December 2021, while the winning work will be announced early February 2022.
Judging and award
The winning work will be selected by a judging panel comprising specialised experts from Dubai Culture and Bulgari as well as by other jurors selected by the two parties. The winning work will be exhibited at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020, and the winning artist will be offered the opportunity to experience Rome through the eyes of Bulgari as part of a week-long journey through the Bulgari universe that would include visits to the gem table, DOMVS, design centres, workshops, historical sites, and a range of exclusive cultural locations. In addition, the winning piece will be exhibited at venues associated with Dubai Culture and Bulgari, according to a pre-defined schedule.

About Dubai Culture & Arts Authority
On 8th March 2008, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to be the custodian entity of the cultural and creative sector in the emirate, based on its cultural responsibility towards Dubai and to help define it at the local and global levels, enabling and developing these sectors to consolidate the emirate’s position as an active global centre for creativity.
Under the leadership of Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture, the Authority is committed to enriching the cultural scene of the emirate, based on the heritage of the United Arab Emirates, and is working on building bridges of constructive dialogue between various civilisations and cultures to enhance Dubai’s position as a global centre for art and culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.
The Authority is also committed to reviving Dubai’s history and highlighting the splendid image of its contemporary cultural fabric through a series of innovative cultural initiatives, events and projects, as well as the cultural, historical and heritage assets it sponsors, including the management of five of the city’s notable heritage monuments, six museums, and eight branches of Dubai Public Libraries.
Dubai Culture is working to develop regulatory frameworks for the cultural and creative sectors in Dubai, based on the priorities of its updated strategic roadmap for the next six years and on the enablers that contribute to its realisation to seek and support talents and stimulate active participation from all segments of society. The aim is to create an economic system that stimulates creative industries and reinforces Dubai’s position as a global cultural destination, in addition to its cultural responsibility of safeguarding the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the emirate.


Part of the LVMH Group, Bvlgari was founded in Rome in 1884 as a jewellery shop. Known as the magnificent Roman jeweller and master of coloured gems, Bvlgari has established a worldwide reputation for Italian excellence and enjoys renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. The company’s international success has evolved into a global and diversified luxury purveyor of products and services, ranging from fine jewels and high-end watches to accessories and perfumes, and featuring an unrivalled network of boutiques and hotels in the world’s most exclusive shopping areas. Demonstrated through its numerous philanthropic partnerships, Bvlgari deeply believes in innovating the present for a sustainable future through its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back – to nature and to the community.

The Italian Commissioner’s General Office

The Italian Commissioner’s General Office coordinates and organises Italy’s presence at the Dubai 2020 Universal Exhibition. It is responsible for managing, in Italy and abroad, the initiatives and resources linked to Italy’s participation, as well as all the scientific, cultural and artistic initiatives to support the aims of the event. The Italy Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai uses architecture for a creative and innovative presentation of “beauty that connects people.”

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