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06 June, 2021

Dubai Culture spreads joy in paediatric department corridors at Latifa Hospital

In the second phase of the 'Art in Hospitals' project
Dubai Culture spreads joy in paediatric department corridors at Latifa Hospital
- A collection of bright murals gives hope and positivity.
- Employing art in service of the community and health issues.
- Showcasing the creativity of young local talents and conveying the humanitarian message of art.

Dubai, UAE, 6 June 2021:

As part of the second phase of the 'Art in Hospitals' project, launched by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) at Al Jalila Children's Speciality Hospital last December, the Authority turned the corridors of the paediatric department at Latifa Hospital into an art gallery full of beauty. This consolidates the importance of art and its role in influencing children’s psychological, spiritual and physical states as well as inspires children and integrates art into their treatment at the hospital.

Shaima Rashed Al Suwaidi, Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication Department, and Acting Chief Executive Officer of Arts & Literature Sector at Dubai Culture, stressed that this project aligns with one of the sectoral priorities of the Authority's 2020-2025 strategic roadmap, which is the promotion and consolidation of the cultural and creative environment in the emirate as well as the integration of art and creativity in innovative ways to encourage talents, support them, and promote their work. The project is also a source of inspiration for all members of the emirate’s creative community to participate in enhancing Dubai's cultural and creative scene in a way that would communicate the humanitarian message of art.
Al Suwaidi added: “Art plays an important role in improving individuals' mood, contributing to advancing the psychological states of the patients, especially children who are receptive to bright colours, butterflies and animal pictures that represent supportive factors in their treatment and accelerate their recovery process. At Dubai Culture, we decided to use the artistic and creative talents in the emirate in service of the community and health issues, especially as we sponsor and embrace artists to participate in this type of art to encourage purposeful, patriotic artworks.”
The Authority cooperated with Latifa Hospital and Mohammed Saeed Hareb, the Emirati artist and director specialising in cartoons and Chairman of Lammtara Art Production, to design a creative environment that spreads joy throughout the corridors of the hospital’s paediatric department and brings pleasure to the hearts of young patients, contributing to raising their spirits to better combat their diseases. A group of the company's mural and graffiti artists took the initiative to draw and paint a number of murals expressing jungle animals, such as giraffes, monkeys, lions, elephants, sloths, birds, and Winnie the Pooh children’s character within a beautiful, vivid, natural environment with captivating colours and shapes, sending a spirit of hope and positivity.
Commenting on his participation in the initiative, Hareb said: “In the medical care system, the psychological aspect is important in patients' journeys, especially those who have to spend a long time in the hospital; the surrounding atmosphere in the corridors and rooms of the paediatric department was dull and void of any form of art. Based on studies of the child's mind and psyche, we decided to make the murals reflect joy and beauty, transforming the corridors into sources of comfort for the children.”
Hareb added: “At Lammtara, we studied many environments, such as deserts, jungles and seas, and decided to base our work on the jungle and its animals. I believe we were successfully able to implement beautiful murals, in line with the highest medical standards in terms of being bacteria-free and without the need for chemical washing. In cooperation with Dubai Culture and Latifa Hospital, we were able to present these beautiful corridors to reflect the creative, psychological and human dimension of art.”

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