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09 Aug, 23
20 Sep, 23
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Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition

  • 10:14-10: 14 AM Wednesday
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Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum

Dubai Culture has revealed the dates for the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum, scheduled to take place on 2 and 3 November at Al Quoz Creative Zone. The primary objective of this forum is to emphasize the significance of Dubai's cultural and creative industries sector, showcasing the unique investment and development prospects it offers. The event is dedicated to celebrating trailblazers in business and empowering them to transform their creative visions into prosperous ventures and sustainable economic assets. This is facilitated by a comprehensive support system that nurtures essential skills, communication opportunities, and a competitive landscape for potential investors. The forum's agenda boasts an exciting lineup of keynotes, panel discussions and talks delivered by esteemed experts in entrepreneurship and the cultural and creative industries sector in Dubai. Additionally, there will be engaging dialogue sessions covering crucial topics related to creative entrepreneurship, complemented by interactive workshops, networking meetings, and a range of activities and events aimed at promoting enterprising and enriching Dubai's creative landscape.

Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition

The Authority has announced the opening of participation in the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Competition, which it is organising on the sidelines of the forum, to raise the level of competition among entrepreneurs and encourage them to present innovative projects that enhance the strength of Dubai’s cultural and creative industries. Dubai Culture will start receiving applications for participation in the competition as of 9 August, with the deadline on 20 September.

The competition offers a unique opportunity for exposure and validation, with the award serving as a catalyst for the winner's business growth, enabling them to invest in their ideas, develop prototypes, scale operations, or explore new market opportunities.

Entrepreneurs who reach the shortlist can pitch their business ideas to an adjudication panel of industry experts, investors, and partners of the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum. The winner will be awarded a monetary grant of AED 50,000.

Eligibility Criteria:

The competition targets all startups in their early stages, which must be less than two years from their launch and have a viable prototype where applicable.

Participation is limited to entrepreneurs within the UAE, and they must submit supporting materials for their business as part of the application process.

Applicants must actively engage in activity within the cultural and creative industries, encompassing various sectors such as:

·       Advertising and marketing

·       Architecture, urban planning, interior design

·       Broadcasting (television and radio)

·       Artisanal crafts, arts, and antiques

·       Graphic, industrial, product, fashion, and digital design

·       Film, cinema, and animation

·       Music (production, publishing, performance)

·       Performing arts (theatre, dance, opera)

·       Literature, publishing, e-publishing

·       Gaming

·       Heritage (museums, libraries, archaeology)

·       Photography, film, podcasting, and content production

·       Visual arts (painting, sculpture, installation, street art, and graffiti)

·       Culinary art, gastronomy, and food culture

Competition Application process:

-       Submit an online application form

-       Attach required supporting documents

-       Applications will be evaluated based on eligibility and the evaluation criteria below

-       Shortlisted applicants will be invited to pitch at the Al Quoz Creative Enterpreneurship Forum in November 2023

-       A jury will evaluate the pitch presentations and select the winner

Required Supporting Documents:

-       Passport copy

-       Professional Resume/CV

-       Business Profile (including company organisation chart, founder profiles, employee bios) – Please upload this in the field indicated ‘Artist Portfolio’ in the application form

-       Business Pitch Deck (including business idea, value proposition, target audience, operations model, revenue model, marketing plan & how grant will be used) – Please upload this in the field indicated ‘Artwork Concept Proposal’ in the application form

Projects participating in the competition will be evaluated based on specific criteria, namely:

·       Innovation and creativity in the project and its uniqueness and ability to compete.

·       The extent of understanding the requirements of the target market and customer needs, and the potential for growth, development, and expansion.

·       The project's ability to be sustainable in terms of resources, revenues, and long-term growth prospects.

·       The project's potential impact on the cultural and creative industries sector, and its contribution to promoting innovation, cultural diversity, and job creation.

Seven entrepreneurs with the highest ratings will be invited to participate in the Al Quoz Creative Entrepreneurship Forum in November.

Registration closed