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05 June, 2024

Al Shindagha Museum Hackathon: Creative Experiences Inspire Youthful Innovation

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced the preparations for launching Al Shindagha Museum Hackathon, organised in collaboration with Sxill Lab on 22 and 29 June. This initiative aims to foster innovation among youngsters, enhance their creative thinking, and strengthen the cultural and creative industries. It aligns with the Authority's aspirations to develop and nurture talent and invest in future generations.
The hackathon targets individuals aged 18 and above. Its concept involves a series of activities that bring together diverse skills at Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE's largest heritage museum. The hackathon features a series of competitions and adventures among 12 teams who will work for just four hours to solve a set of intricately designed puzzles and codes. These challenges are intended to enable participants to showcase innovative ideas and diverse products inspired by various local heritage elements.
Participating teams are required to make the most of their allocated time, employing different strategies to create distinctive designs for their projects and produce a collection of art pieces using clay crafting techniques. They will also incorporate local medicinal herbs and essential perfume ingredients to create unique scents. During the competitions, team members will learn digital photo editing techniques and how to make necessary photo adjustments. This will help them explore the hidden gems of Al Shindagha Museum and produce videos and photos highlighting the unique beauty and architecture of the Al Maktoum Residence.
Abdullah Al Obaidli, Acting Manager of Al Shindagha Museum, affirmed that organising the hackathon is part of the Authority's practices to encourage youngsters to compete and develop their skills, saying: “Innovation is a fundamental pillar in driving development across various fields. It provides a significant foundation for developing cultural and creative industries inspired by Emirati handicrafts and heritage. The hackathon represents an effort by Dubai Culture to create an inspiring environment that offers a range of educational and cultural experiences blending heritage and creativity. All the adventures included in the hackathon will encourage participants to explore our rich culture and heritage, showcasing its unique beauty and distinctiveness. This reflects the Authority's commitment to enhancing its presence on the global map.”