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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority
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10 November, 2023

Climate Superhero Winter Camp is a unique cultural and creative experience

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is presenting an array of creative activities tailored for the young participants of the ‘Climate Superhero Winter Camp,’ taking place at Hatta Heritage Village from 11 November to 3 December to broaden their intellectual and creative horizons, providing them with enriching experiences in a unique cultural setting that fosters innovation and self-expression. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Authority’s dedication to nurturing innovative and creative generations.
During this camp, which takes place on weekends, children between the ages of 6 and 12 can engage in a diverse array of experiences to gain insights into sustainability, explore the world of arts and crafts, participate in traditional folk games, and uncover the intricacies of handicrafts and agricultural techniques, among other activities.
The camp’s programme encompasses innovative artistic workshops, including the ‘Storytelling Experience and Puppet Creation’ workshop, where kids will delve into the art of storytelling and uncover the craft of puppet-making. Another exciting activity is the ‘Building the Hatta Waterdam Hydroelectric Station’ workshop, where children will actively participate in constructing a miniature Hatta Waterdam Hydroelectric Station. This hands-on experience will give them valuable insights into hydroelectric energy and its global importance in energy production.”.
The ‘Hatta Clay Crafters: From Earth to Art’ workshop allows children to learn about the masterpieces of clay and clay shaping using traditional methods prevalent among Hatta residents, while the ‘Sun-Powered Art: Crafting Hatta-Inspired Art’ workshop gives children the opportunity to explore the rocky nature of the Hatta region and the importance of solar energy.
The Climate Superhero kids will actively make Hatta greener by participating in the ‘Grow Hatta Greener: Kokedama Planting’ workshop, designed to deepen their knowledge of agriculture. Additionally, in the ‘From Palm to Perch’ workshop, they will uncover the mysteries of chemistry involved in crafting fertiliser in Hatta. These experiences are complemented by an array of traditional folk games that will be enjoyed during the final week of the camp.
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