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22 Jul, 24
09 Aug, 24

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood Summer Camp: A Variety of Interactive Workshops

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Dubai Culture offers an exciting array of cultural and recreational activities for children aged 6 to 13 years at its summer camp hosted in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The camp runs over two weeks, with the first period from 22 to 26 July, and the second from 05 to 09 July.

During the camp, visitors to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood will enjoy a variety of interactive workshops. They will learn how to build small models of historical forts, understand methods of digging wells in the country, and face the challenges posed by climatic conditions. Participants will also learn how to tie knots with ropes and experience various adventures.

All camp activities and events will be offered in both Arabic and English, supervised by a group of specialists and experts in a safe environment that encourages children to develop their personal skills.


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Registration closes in 45 days

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