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24 Nov, 23
03 Dec, 23

Al Shindagha Days sheds light on Dubai’s maritime heritage

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Dubai Culture is offering a programme of culturaland heritage activities through ‘Al Shindagha Days’ from 24 November to 3 December 2023. This captivating event serves as a living tribute to the ancient way of life in Dubai, aiming to transport visitors back in time. By focusing on the rich maritime legacy of the local community, it unravels the intricacies, aesthetics, and their profound influence on the social fabric of Dubai. Al Shindagha Days offers the public an opportunity to delve into the deep-rooted connection between the Dubai residents and the sea and also sheds light on traditional craftsmanship, all of which plays a pivotal role in illuminating Dubai's sustainable maritime heritage. This initiative is in alignment with Dubai Culture's core commitment to safeguarding Emirati history and fostering cultural tourism throughout Dubai.

The festival falls under the theme ‘Celebrating Our Culture of the Sea’ and includes a series of workshops that provide opportunities to learn about crafts like Jallaf, as well as create and sing Al Nahma sea chants. Alongside these, it provides immersive cultural experiences, enabling the audience to step into the life by the creek, gain insights into the daily lives of Emirati fishermen, and explore the art of designing bags from fishing nets. The festival also hosts an exhibition of classic Emirati games, including Al Gaheef, Al Karabi, and Al Dusays, which hold a cherished place among the nation's most beloved time-honoured games. Furthermore, visitors are treated to a delightful selection of interactive artistic performances inspired by the melodies of age-old coastal music.

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