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Public Libraries Membership Renewal

This service involves the extended use of membership benefits for another five years

Service Procedure

  • To obtain service via website and smart App

    1. Sign in though Dubai Public Libraries App or Dubai Culture and Arts Authority's libraries page using the customer’s membership number or email

    2. Request to renew the membership account, by filling in the required fields, and attaching the required documents.

    3. An approval notification is sent to the customer by email to complete the payment process

    4. The digital membership card is renewed, can be presented through Dubai Public Libraries App

For individual members (adults / children) and families:

  • A copy of a valid ID

For institutions and companies membership:

  • The identity cards of those authorized to borrow (Qty: 2)


Terms & Conditions

1. Extending the term of library membership for 5 years or until the child reaches the age of 12

2. No insurance is required to be re-paid


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