Public Library

Children's Library

We all know that childhood is the most important stage in the development of an individual's personality. The Dubai Public Library pays special attention to encouraging a habit of reading among children, helping develop their talents and understanding of the world around them, as well as sparking their imaginations.

To achieve this, most of Dubai Public Library branches throughout the Emirate have a dedicated children's library. By ensuring we understand what children want and need, we have created bright, spacious children's libraries that encourage children to enjoy their time there. Our children's libraries also contain reading and activities rooms, as well as areas for computer and audiovisual materials.

The Dubai Public Library firmly believes in the importance of reading books, and the role of parents reading to them, in the development and refinement of a child's personal identity, as well as stimulating their natural instinctive curiosity for knowledge and learning. So we continuously update the Children's Library resources in order to provide a rich and varied selection of interesting library materials aimed at the children and young people who make up a high percentage of their audience.

These materials include large collections of books on diverse subjects that are appropriate for children of different age groups. These books not only entertain, but also help children expand their imaginations and develop unique perspectives on different social, cultural and religious issues.

In addition to the basic services such as borrowing and reference service, the Children's Library aims to provide a range of activities that include:

  • Selected storytelling.
  • Cultural and educational movies.
  • Drawing competitions and workshops.
  • Cultural competitions and incentives.
  • Seminars and lectures for children.
  • Organising trips and visits for children.
  • Organisation of training courses and programmes.
  • Providing special services for disabled children.