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Home to many of the world's biggest achievements, Dubai has gained a reputation as a multicultural hotbed of creativity and innovation, a reputation that global art institutions such as Christie's and Sotheby's, amongst others, have begun to recognise.

With dedicated cultural and artistic spaces, and over 70 galleries active throughout the year, Dubai's thriving arts community has sparked an increasing interest throughout the region, in part because of its proximity and the emergence of knowledgeable collectors with more sophisticated tastes. Dubai has earned a firm spot on the global art-commerce map.

Enthusiastic government support in the form of funding and educational initiatives has produced a conducive environment for local artists to create, for the community to engage and for a strong collectors' base to form. Established and emerging artists both have found recognition here and abroad, taking centre stage at a second appearance of the UAE Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

This can be witnessed in the Al Quoz Industrial Area, home to many art galleries, rehearsal spaces for musicians and performers, as well as photography and design studios. This growth is similar to the beginnings of such artistic hubs as Factory 798 in Beijing, where industrial areas have become a haven for the art industry to thrive in. This, in addition to the Dubai International Financial Centre, which is a pulsating community for art and culture.

With annual art fairs, Art Dubai and the SIKKA Art Fair, and several film, literature and theatre festivals fill up the city's arts calendar. The Dubai arts calendar goes beyond a line-up of festivals and exhibitions, it's a testament to our commitment to nurture talent, cultivate creativity, educate the public and raise awareness of the arts. Dubai is not just a city of life: it is a city where art comes alive.

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