Dubai Centre for Heritage Development

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Dubai Heritage Development Centers at Dubai Government schools were established in 2011 as per the agreement inked between Dubai Culture and Dubai Educational Zone. The agreement was signed by His Excellency Saeed Al Naboodah, Acting Director General of Dubai Arts and Culture Authority (Dubai Culture) and Dr. Ahmed Al Mansouri, Director of Dubai Educational Zone.

The centers were established with the purpose to be educational platforms for the UAE heritage and to raise the awareness amongst the students, as well as developing their skills along with their teachers and parents through organizing dedicated workshops focused on the UAE traditional crafts and specific workshops aiming to develop the traditional tools used to make the rafts and maintain its authenticity.

In addition, the Centers were established as well to create strong heritage pool of skills among students, teachers and parents who are able to convey their knowledge to train other centers and schools' students.

Different student teams were established in (folk art, theatre, heritage songs, traditional crafts and workshops) to serve this purpose.

  • Enhance the national identity
  • Educate the new generation about UAE heritage
  • Consolidate UAE traditional habits
  • Development the students' artistic abilities in heritage touch
  • Linking the education curriculum with students' real life
  • Showcase and present the student talents for the media
  • Maintaining the popularity of the material and moral UAE's tradition
  • Encourage students to participate in heritage activities​

Dubai's Heritage Development Centers
  • Sukaina Bint Al Hussein Secondary School - Girls Center.
  • Kuwait Intermediate School for Girls Center (Second Circle).
  • Hudaibiyah Primary School for Girls Center (First Circle)
  • Omar Bin Al-Khattab Model School for Boys Center (Second Circle)
  • Zayed Bin Sultan Model School for Boys Center (First Circle)
  • Utbah Bin Ghazwan Primary School for Boys Center (First Circle)