Artist Comission Brief For Art Bus Design 2016

  • PF240314-GG-ARTBUS- Art Bus Dubai as Part of Art in the City during March 20-24, 2014. There are 3 art busses which has different routes that visit art spaces and exhibition  in Dubai. Bus 1 is DIFC and Downtown Dubai Route and Bus 2 is in Al Quoz and Bus
  • PF240314-GG-ARTBUS- Art Bus Dubai as Part of Art in the City during March 20-24, 2014. There are 3 art busses which has different routes that visit art spaces and exhibition  in Dubai. Bus 1 is DIFC and Downtown Dubai Route and Bus 2 is in Al Quoz and Bus
1.1 About the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority

The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) was launched on March 8, 2008 by His Highness
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President & Prime Minister and Ruler of
Dubai. Dubai Culture plays a critical part in achieving the vision of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 of
establishing the city as vibrant, global Arabian metropolis that shapes culture and arts in the region
and the world.

The organisation has announced several initiatives that strengthen the historic and modern cultural
fabric of Dubai. These include: The Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts
Awards: The first of its kind initiative in the Arab world honouring individuals and organisations who
have made financial or in kind contributions through sustained support to visual arts, performing arts,
literature and film in the region; Creatopia (www.creatopia.ae), the nation’s first government
empowered virtual community that guides and nurtures the creative culture of the nation, by providing
a platform of information and opportunities leading to exposure and personal growth; Dubai Art
Season: The city’s premier umbrella arts initiative which encompasses of Art Week (Art Dubai,
Design Days Dubai, and SIKKA Art Fair); and Middle East Film & Comic Con, among others, to
highlight the Emirate’s growing creative landscape within the international circuit; SIKKA Art Fair: An
annual art fair aimed at promoting Emirati and local artists in the UAE; and Dubai Festival for Youth
Theatre: An annual festival that celebrates and fosters the art of theatre in the UAE.

We will build on Dubai's status as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, where East meets
West, and will actively encourage the over 200 nationalities living and working together in Dubai to
contribute to the culture and arts renaissance.


1.2 About ArtintheCity

ArtintheCity is an umbrella project by thejamjar that unites arts and culture in the UAE and the wider
MENA region through a comprehensive website, a listings publication, the ArtBus, public arts
initiatives and design projects. ArtintheCity is a platform for the arts and culture scene to a local and
international audience.


1.3 About ArtBus

The UAE’s shuttle to the arts, the ArtBus, provides guided tours of the city’s prominent galleries,
studios, art centres, alternative art spaces and art fairs. The ArtBus was launched in 2007 during the
first edition of Art Dubai to spread awareness of UAE galleries and arts initiatives to an international
audience visiting the UAE during major arts events, and has since continued to develop new
audiences for the arts in the UAE amongst residents and tourists to the region.

The ArtBus creates a hassle free ride without the stresses of traffic or parking within the Emirates
while providing a reliable, informative and enjoyable experience where trained art guides take you
through a programme of gallery exhibitions, events, talks and performances.

The ArtBus has built long standing relationships with local galleries in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah
alongside projects with Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, Art Dubai
SIKKA, Dubai International Film Festival, Sharjah Biennial, and Sharjah Art Museum.

1.4 ArtBus March 2016

The ArtBus, your guide to art fairs, galleries, talks and events taking place in Dubai.

Now in its tenth year, the ArtBus offers a diverse view of Dubai’s arts and culture scene, and with
three routes each taking in a distinct arts area in Dubai, there’s something for every arts enthusiast.
Along the routes passengers will see exhibitions at Dubai’s independent galleries and visit annual
fairs Art Dubai and SIKKA 2016. Accompanied by art guides the day-long tour is a chance to see art
by international, regional and local artists while meeting like-minded people.

Al Quoz Route

The galleries situated in the industrial area of Al Quoz have a particular focus on contemporary
cutting edge art. With its large warehouses Al Quoz continues to attract innovative galleries and
alternative art spaces. Galleries en route predominantly feature international artists with a high
representation of Middle Eastern Contemporary Art.

DIFC Gate Village & Downtown Dubai Route

Once an area for luxury brands, the DIFC Gate Village has turned its attention to dressing our walls,
from photography to fine art, and visitors may even have a glimpse of a well-known masterpiece.
Galleries featured include established international artists and modern masters, while visits to artsy
hangouts and artist studios give an insight into the local arts community.
Jumeirah/Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood Route

Down by the creek, the heritage site of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is Dubai’s original arts and
culture area. Housing several of Dubai’s long established art galleries, artist studios and residencies,
as well as the annual SIKKA art fair, the traditional Emirati buildings are a unique way to view art from
the region. Galleries predominately feature Emirati, local and regional artists.

1.5 ArtBus March 2016, ArtintheCity & Dubai Culture Collaboration

Following the success of the ArtBus commissions in previous years in collaboration with Dubai
Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the ArtBus in March 2016 will feature exclusive artworks by
UAE artists, which have been specially commissioned by Dubai Culture, the Emirate’s dedicated
Authority for culture, arts, and heritage.

The commissioned artwork will be displayed on the outside of the bus and on marketing collaterals.
There are three ArtBus vehicles transporting people to Al Quoz, Jumeirah and Al Fahidi Historical
Neighbourhood, and DIFC and Downtown Dubai from 17 - 19 March 2016, therefore giving the
chosen artist visibility across Dubai, during a key week in the UAE’s arts calendar.

Extensive publicity of the ArtBus and the chosen artists will be carried out throughout the Emirates
through daily, weekly, and monthly print publications, online publications and social media.

2. ArtBus Commission Brief

The purpose of commissioning an artist to design the ArtBus is to showcase the artwork of Emirati
and UAE based artists as a representation of the local culture and the contemporary art practices in
the UAE by an emerging artist.

The requirement of this commission is for the artist to:

- Create a concept and design that is suitable for the objective of the ArtBus
- Follow the purpose and theme of the commission
- Represent his/her individual practice/style

This design will be adapted and carried across the marketing collateral of the event. In addition, we
would like the artist to consider providing documentation of their artistic process and extending their
artwork concept to actively engage passengers inside the bus, through audience interactive methods
such as video, audio, or leave behind mementos. The artist must therefore consider how the design
and concept will be scaled to the various mediums required.

The final design should be submitted as a digital file and exact dimensions will be shared with
successful applicants.

The artist must consider that the ArtBus will be viewed up close and at a distance and should be
visually stimulating in both circumstances. There are various constraints and requirements to take in
to consideration regarding the logistics of placing the artwork on the vehicle (see more details in
section 2.2).

2.1. Recommendations

It has been our experience in previous years that a composition made up of smaller elements works
better than one large image.

2.2. Constraints and requirements

- The final selected artists are only required to design the left side and right side of the ArtBus.
- Windows cannot be covered as per RTA rules.
- Consider spacing regarding placement of doors, wheels, storage compartments, and logos

for DCAA and AITC.

2.3. Timeframe - Deadlines


11 February 2016 Submission date for ArtBus design application
16 February 2016 Final three chosen artists contacted
18 February 2016 Artists join ArtintheCity and Dubai Culture for initial meeting and
detailed brief
25 February 2016 Final draft of artwork design to be submitted by artist
29 February 2016 Final handover of ArtBus wrapping design files

3. ArtBus Concept Design Application

The closing date for applications is 11 February 2016. All applications should be submitted to

3.1 Theme | ‘Literature Reimagined’

This year artists based in the UAE are invited to take inspiration from creative written works, including
books, poetry, and drama, when submitting their design proposals. The artists selected from the open
call will be commissioned by Dubai Culture to complete their artworks to full scale. These visual
interpretations of literature by the UAE’s creative community will be brought to the attention of both
residents and visitors when the artworks are featured on the exterior of the ArtBus as it travels across
the city in March, Dubai’s most important cultural month.

3.2 Attachments

The following should be attached to artist submissions:  

- A visual illustrating the artists’ concept in JPEG format. Size should be 29.7 cm (w) x 10.5cm
(h). Ideally the visual should be digital, but we accept scanned submissions also.
- A portfolio sample in PDF format (maximum 5 MB)
- Application Form. See 3.3

3.3 Application Form​:
Please click on this link to download application