‘Make It Happen’ Wishes Wall at Dubai Culture to

Spread Happiness and Positivity from the Inside out

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 31 January, 2017: Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced that Make it Happen, the first internal happiness initiative in the Authority’s happiness program, has generated an overwhelmingly positive response among its employees. Launched on the 16th January, the initiative invites the team to submit their wishes to The Happiness Team, which is then responsible for sorting, filtering, and presenting the wishes to all employees who would like to volunteer and support a colleague’s wish by harnessing their skills, experiences, knowledge and connections. The anonymous process aims to fill employees’ hearts with selflessness, happiness and positivity, and bring all members of the Authority’s team together. Make it Happen runs until the end of March and is being overseen by Dubai Culture’s CEO of Happiness, Latifa bin Demaithan, and The Happiness Team. It supports both the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 and the UAE Year of Giving 2017, by promoting happiness, positivity, selflessness, team work and equality within the Authority. By making happiness a key tenet of its day-to-day work, the Authority hopes to spread a culture of happiness and positivity from the inside out, inspiring its happy employees to redouble their efforts in the culture and arts sectors through new events and projects, and contributing to the leadership’s vision of making Dubai a city of happy, creative and empowered people.

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