Dubai Culture hosts ‘Embrace China’ Jiangsu art and cultural performance to mark Chinese New Year


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The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate’s dedicated entity for promoting heritage, culture and the arts, is hosting a Jiangsu art and cultural group from China for a special performance to mark the Chinese New Year.

Under the invitation of the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, the visiting group of artists will perform ‘Embrace China,’ a special gratitude performance, with free entry for the public, on February 10, 2015, from 7pm to 9pm at the Dubai Cultural & Scientific Association in Al Mamzar. 

Several accomplished artists including musicians and dancers will perform a wide variety of artforms at the performance including graceful dances, puppet show, instrumental music and spectacularly choreographed song and dance compositions. 

Dr Salah Al Qassim, Advisor, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, said: “As the Chinese community mark their traditional spring festival on February 19, we are delighted to host the vibrant cultural performance by the visiting Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Art Troupe. Through our support, we are further fostering cultural ties with the large Chinese community in Dubai and further building on the strong bilateral relations shared between Dubai and China. It also presents an opportunity to familiarize Dubai residents with the vibrant folk art forms of China to promote intercultural exchange.”

The non-profit art performance will feature several compelling acts that draw inspiration from Chinese folk art. The opening song and dance, ‘What a Jasmine,’ is a renowned classic Jiangsu folk song, choreographed to breathtaking splendor. Renowned Erhu player Xing Wei and Zhou Rong will perform the foot-tapping ‘Latin Touch,’ and ‘Horse Racing,’ which evokes the excitement of a horse race. 

Young dancers will perform the ‘Paper Cut Girl,’ a traditional folk crafts art to express the happiness of people; ‘Shao Duoli,’ highlighted by graceful movements; ‘Two Drops of Water’ and ‘May There be Surplus Every Year.’ Accomplished puppeteer artist Wang Yun will perform a puppet show titled ‘Face Changing’ that will delight all. Young performing artist Cai Yeu will present a modern vocal mimicry, and class-A artist Yu Qing will render two soulful solos. The event will culminate with a cheerful song and dance show titled ‘Flourishing Days.’ 

Dubai Culture regularly hosts cultural events representing diverse cultures and artforms in line with its focus on supporting the Dubai Plan 2021 to further promote artistic creativity and establish Dubai as a ‘city of happy, creative and empowered people.’