Dubai Public Library Receives a Delegation from Dubai Customs Knowledge Club
Dubai Culture introduces its best practices and performance standards across its libraries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20 August 2017: Dubai Public Library recently received a delegation from Dubai Customs Knowledge Club, which assessed the librarys best practices, performance indicators and progress in relation to other libraries in the region.


Dubai Public Librarys management team welcomed the Dubai Customs representatives and explained the practices and services it provides to the public, reflecting Dubai Cultures commitment to partnering with external stakeholders and government entities to exchange institutional knowledge across various sectors.


The visit focused on providing general information on the administrative policies followed by Dubai Public Library, and the various methods for developing and measuring performance standards. Another topic of discussion was how the library gathers books according to Dubai Public Librarys classification and supply department policies. The library team also presented an overview of the initiatives and activities organised by Dubai Public Library, which include summer activities, Arabic Manuscript day, spring activities, and charitable initiatives.


The Dubai Public Library network includes eight libraries for adults and another seven for children. Some branches feature multi-purpose halls, classrooms and exhibition spaces and all branches of the Dubai Public Library are connected via computer systems. This has established close links with other modern libraries, providing access to vast sources of information on a diversity of topics in both Arabic and English.


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