Dubai Culture organized creative writing workshops for aspiring authors and literary professionals


Workshops aimed at supporting talents and helping them create high-quality content

Dubai, UAE, 15 July 2019 - Aiming to provide a platform for aspiring and professional writers to hone their skills, Dubai Public Libraries of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) hosted a series of creative writing workshops on 1 July 2019. The workshops were held for five days and conducted in Arabic and English by local, regional, and international authors and professionals.

As well as a session on the craft of writing articles that was conducted by the prominent writer Iman Al Yousif on, other workshops were hosted by writers and professional trainers, who shared their experience and expertise with participants, giving them useful tips and techniques to create high-quality content. The presenters analysed the skills and potential of the participants and constructively channelled their creative energies to help them hone the art and craft of writing.

The workshops aimed to support writing talents, encourage budding writers to expand their creative horizons, leverage their knowledge of content, and highlight the role of public libraries in the development of the overall creative economy, in line with the National Strategy for Reading 2026 through various cultural initiatives and activities. Designed to offer a comprehensive experience, the workshops touched upon multiple topics, including writing novels and short stories; children, youth, and trips literature; artistic criticism; and more.

Commenting on the workshops, Dr Hissa bin Masood, Director of Public Libraries Department at Dubai Culture, said, "The workshops were carefully designed to facilitate a fruitful exchange of ideas and expertise among a select group of writers, guided by professional specialists in the field. The overall aim was to uplift the cultural scene of the UAE by refining the skills of creative talents and providing them with a fertile platform to share their ideas and learn in an interactive environment."

She added, "The workshops led to the creation of brilliant literary works through a variety of writing styles and diverse expertise, all of which converged under one roof. With these workshops, we intended to create a solid literary base to position public libraries as a hub for community engagement and a tool for spreading happiness."