Dubai Culture announces completion of contemporary mural in Al Fahidi historical Neighbourhood celebrating successful launch of the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’ Mars Mission


Dubai Culture announces completion of contemporary mural in Al Fahidi historical Neighbourhood celebrating successful launch of the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’ Mars Mission

Dubai - United Arab Emirates, July 27, 2020: Celebrating the successful launch of the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’ Mission to Mars, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced the completion of a contemporary mural produced by local creative artists at Dubai’s historical Al Fahidi Neighbourhood.

Through this initiative, Dubai Culture is highlighting the importance of creativity as a human value in line with its vision to enhance Dubai’s cultural and creative scene by converting heritage and historical sites into artistic murals, aligning to the goals of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to transform Dubai into an open museum.
The colourful artistic masterpiece was a collaborative effort featuring some of the brightest talents in the UAE’s creative community — namely Reem Al Mazroui, Amna Basheer, Subith PB, Sam Saliba and Armia Eskander.

The artists worked together to celebrate the UAE’s first space rocket exploration of its kind in the Arab world launched from Japan's remote Tanegashima spaceport earlier this week.
The historic Mars mission is a moment of pride for the people of the UAE, the region and both the Arab and Islamic world.

Representing a bridge between the authenticity of the past, achievements of the present and aspirations of humanity for a promising future, the mural has taken pride of place at Al Fahidi Neighbourhood which is the centre of Dubai’s historical past.
Shaima Rashed Al Suwaidi, Director of Marketing & Corporate and Acting CEO of Arts & Literature Sector at Dubai Culture, said: "The launch of Hope Probe is an event of great pride and a source of inspiration for everyone in the Arab world. The completion of the contemporary mural is a celebration of this success and also a commemoration of years of perseverance and hard work that led to this remarkable achievement. This mural will stand as a testimony to the impact such achievements have on not only the related sector, like aerospace and astronomy in this case, but its influence on an entire generation that witnesses it and the coming generations that will benefit from it.”
The mural composition was led by Amna Basheer, an artist with a background and education in fashion design and animation, specialisating in curatorship, design and execution of art in the UAE.  Subith PB, another artist who worked on the mural, is a suspected trichromat, with an ability to pick out infinite colour variations in a seemingly simple palette. Trained in the fine art space, he has mastered large scale realistic portraits on huge walls and murals. They were supported by Armia Eskander and Reem Al Mazrouei who prepared the mural design prior to its painting.
The mural has been developed in cooperation with Art Painting Lab and is in line with Dubai Culture’s ‘CreateTogether’ campaign launched by the Authority in March via its digital platforms to motivate all members of society to share their creativity while in lockdown in their homes.
The mural uses isometric art theories to highlight features of science and technology and is curated by Sam Saliba, founder of Art Painting Lab, with design insights by Reem Al Mazrouei who depicts the space probe’s relationship with society, personified by an Emirati girl floating in space celebrating the milestone Mars mission.
Al Fahidi was chosen as a destination to house the mural because it represents Dubai’s heritage, and the space probe represents the bright future that highlights endeavours, distinction and leadership. The neighbourhood’s strong relationship with the past makes it an ideal location for the mural.