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Al Shindagha Museum

Al Shindagha Museum


The iconic Dubai Creek area is the home to our museum, where visitors can experience the vibrant history of Dubai. It was developed as part of an initiative to transform the creek into a regional culture and traditional centre.


Shindagha Museum tells the universal tale of human innovation, resilience, and the desire for progress which shaped the Dubai of nowadays. We invite our visitors to explore the heritage submerging them into true Emirati culture and its origins. The museum also highlights Dubais shared heritage with the region and wider world.


"We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone." 

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum



Story of the Creek (Discover the central hub of Dubais birthplace)


Set sail across the centuries to a time when Dubais modern society was beginning to take shape on the shimmering blue waters of its famous khor’ – a traditional regional word for creek or waterway.

Discover the place where trade with the outside world began, while being guided step-by-step through the areas extraordinary development the first bank, the first police house, the first produce market

Find out what it took to grow a business and raise a family by the creek for the hardworking and innovative Emiratis of the past, from the shrewd merchants and tradesmen to tough seafarers and boat builders. Learn how the skills they developed in response to extreme conditions set the whole society on the road to affluence.

Story of the Creek offers a state-of-the-art multimedia experience, including an informative and inspiring film that allows visitors to immerse themselves in personal stories that bring the neighbourhood to life. A unique sensory experience, it tells the universal tale of the power of the human spirit and how Dubais inhabitants managed to build a successful city rooted in its heritage and taking wisdom from the past.


Perfume House (Indulge in the enticing world of Emirati perfume making)

Allow all your senses to be stimulated and delighted in the realm of exotic Emirati fragrance, while delving into the skills that bring them to life.

Showcasing traditional techniques for making scented oils and perfumes that date back centuries, Perfume House takes visitors on an aromatic journey to learn about ancient traditions while exploring some unusual Ingredients.

Discover the important role traditional scents play in Emirati culture, how they connect to the past, and their role in religious and everyday life.

 Our opening hours:
10:00 am to 8:00 pm

except on Tuesday the museum is closed.


For more information please visit:


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